Monday, October 17, 2011

Sign up your voice talent

anastronaut guarantees your voice would reach the darkest farthest depths of the universe. Submit by commenting this post with a link to your talent. Auditioning begins now. I will only check out YouTube or direct links to your sound samples. Sorry for the inconvenience.

There are male and female characters all in their 20s. I would study all kinds of voices, accents, hoarse, lisps... you name it. If you are a male and able to provide a female voice then you're welcome to submit and vice versa. You don't have to use any specific lines but in case you're out of ideas here you go:
[CAST] Male (emotionless): "Well hello there... Say goodbye to your new friend."
[CAST] Female (sarcastic, Russian): "Funny... I'm still not interested."
[CAST] Male (main character): "This looks like a laboratory mainframe."
[CAST] Narrator: "Leave it alone! It has to be enabled first."
[CAST] Narrator: "You try hard to pull yourself together after the shock from the explosion. However, you fail!"
[CAST] Female (explaining a theory while scared, not whispering): "..something weird has happened and gave him the ability to travel through time!"
[CAST] Female (mumbling and scared): "He snapped.. Yes. That IS exactly what happened to him."
[CAST] Male (Alien technician): "You need to disconnect the cables leading to the main hydraulic controls. Then, discharge the extra pressure."
[CAST] Female (gossiping): "Oh I really think they'd make a great couple! I can't wait to see the look on Helen's face when she hears about it!"
[CAST] Male (main character): "Those mountains are huge compared to the ones I saw earlier."
[CAST] Male (main character): "Oops. Ouch. Hey! Hmmm. Yay. Aha! I don't think so. Nah. Nope. No. Okay. Nothing. It does nothing."

Good luck.



    Just saying, but if you accepted vocaroo or audioboo auditions you may get a few more responses.

  2. And I found some lines in an earlier blog post of yours? Here's my first attempt, with some rewrites:

    Had a little quarrel with the partner, a size of a squirrel for precision.

    They're sick of my male behavior in regards to toilet seat protocol. All you gotta do is look first and the zero-g hoses will take care of the rest.

    I found myself ejected podless into deep space.

    Now I'm hoping someone will hear the distress signal from my beacon.

    My oxygen'll last for a few weeks since it's packed with atomic-space reduction technology.

    I also got water running in a bio-recycle system. I had nightmares about being in a situation where I would drink it.

    I wait. With my imaginary book "Not allowed to be Happy" and my duderö lamp. Awful purdy view, though.

  3. Hi,

    Here is my audition:


    Might help to get rid of the buzz?

  5. Thanks for the link. I will take a look.


    Some samples are in American, some in British. I'm looking to start dabbling in reading audiobooks (Librivox, etc.), so any suggestions would not be unwelcome.

  7. You didn't leave an email address to send auditions to on the VAC, so I've uploaded my auditions for the male characters here:

    Since there wasn't a reference picture for the alien I just randomly pulled three voices for the common alien types: greys, hairy fella and big fella. I also have several links with examples of my work/demo reels if you want to look them over and see if I have more appropriate voices there:

    As well as a youtube playlist with some of my previous work:

    In any case, good luck with the project, looks fun!


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  10. Auditions for the Narrator and Villain. I hope you like what you hear!

    Thanks for listening...

  11. Hey, saw this at the voice acting alliance and headed over~:

    Snakesinbox at gmail dot com is my email if you need to get in contact with me

  12. here's mine, quality's a little bad because I couldn't be bothered rigging it up right now :P

  13. Here's mine. Let me know if you want me to try a variety of things or if you're happy with these: