Sunday, March 27, 2016

Do you believe in chance?

Months ago when I reluctantly decided to change the project name from Epoch to Tardigrades, I had to edit all my media pages along with a few screenshots that had the Epoch logo watermark. I didn't do anything to the game's note book I keep with me though. The first page had Epoch drawn on top as a cover page thing.. I just found out there was a spare page behind it! It seems it was stuck to the first page when I turned it over to start writing notes for the game's puzzles.

Was that by chance? Or maybe my future self moved some gravity strings from behind my book case and stuck the pages together knowing that I will eventually change the title?


  1. heh.. this is not a coincidence. It's all calculated in a mind of a kitten somewhere :)

    1. lol I believe this theory more than anything.