Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Ancient Emitter

Back in 2014, I posted an update about The Emitter Spaceship. I was mainly focusing on demonstrating the non-linearity aspect of the game by showing the different ways the player can solve the puzzle associated with The Emitter Spaceship. Here's a link to the post from 2014.

I have explained: "Emitters are used for the main communications with Earth. They are used due to the distortion from the massive magnetic field of Jupiter." - Anas-tronaut blog

You can find more information on this post from 2015.

On the first episode of Star Trek Discovery, the Klingon's  Sarcophagus -which is located in a highly radiated busy asteroids field- sent an intense light beam to communicate with other Klingon ships. Michael Burnham explained the light beam as: "It seems to be some sort of signal Emitter." - Star Trek Discovery Ep.1

Here's a YouTube video demonstrating one of the ways the player may use to reset The Emitter resulting in a message sent in the form of an intense beam of light: (no spoilers)


  1. Yikes! STD busted again! What haven't they copied from you? xD

  2. CBS is seriously in big trouble. The plagiarism is getting closer to a 99.9% of your work.

  3. Stealing spaceships names too? I sniff a huge settlement on the way. Though I'd rather seeing them get punished for what they did.

  4. Let history write down that CBS is destroying Star Trek. Stealing from an indie dev and shattering a simple man's dream for a better life. My heart goes with you Anas. I wish you the best <3