Sunday, January 12, 2014

Anastronaut II: The Dark Side ©

Anastrønaut II: The Dark Side

The story continues, after sending Lance into oblivion, it seems he managed to survive and planned his evil revenge by sending his alliances to capture our hero. Anas is imprisoned in cargo ship Athaal-T14E where he is being tortured and barely kept alive until the abandoned ship reaches its destination: Alpha Equulei.

Being captured in a small dark cell inside a huge ship for months has been affecting Anas' mental state. Not to mention the effects of all kinds of physical and psychic torture. He needs to find a way to escape before entering the danger zone of the star. He has limited time to solve puzzles, find a way out, fight his damaged mental state and flashbacks.

His escape is only the beginning; an adventure is waiting for him outside the cargo ship...

640x480 32bit original graphics
Speech and Narration with a special appearance of Space Quest and Space Venture creator Scott Murphy
Over 70 rooms
Special rooms for crafting your own inventory items
2D animated cut-scenes, introduction and outro.
Original Midi music
Space Battle simulation game
24-style Multi angled cameras (in a couple of rooms only)
A short switch-playing with another character

After the purchase, a link will be emailed to download the full version of the game that requires no keys. In case of damaged files due to downloading issues, please send me your invoice code at for a direct link or a refund in a 30 days period only.