Monday, March 3, 2014

Color Blindness Issues

An awesome fan emailed me saying she has a little trouble solving one of the puzzles of Anastrønaut II. At first I thought she wanted a solution or a hint which I always provide with no trouble at all. But that wasn't her request. She was stuck at a puzzle requiring the ability to differentiate between close hues of colors. To be honest, it is tricky even for a non color vision deficient player. I edited the puzzle for her using a high-contrast pattern without changing the level of hardness. She was kind enough to hook me up with some of her online friends with similar vision issues and they all blessed me by agreeing to test the alternative puzzle.


I cannot thank you guys enough for giving me this opportunity. I learn everyday to be a better considerate man and will always put all cases in mind for future games and projects. Please feel free to contact me to get this version of the game.