Sunday, February 16, 2020


A few weeks ago, I filed the briefing for the appeal. I would like to apologize for the late post as I am drenched in work since I finally got my contract renewed for a full-time research and it’s a completely new field of study for me which I have to learn from scratch (Python, Linux and Hybrid Networks!)

It warms my heart the way you all supported me and how the ‘go fund me’ succeeded in a matter of few days. My dearest friend Gary Buechler -Nerdrotic, took time and effort to set up the campaign and with all your help we managed to raise more than $21K in a few days. Beside the financial support, your comments on the FGM page touched me the most. This appeal wouldn’t have happened without you all. And I’m not only talking about the financial part of it. The positivity and support I got from you are always cherished. The message you sent have been received by the defendants and it shocked them to the point of freaking out. I just want to let you all know that I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Gary, whatever I say, won’t be enough to describe what you mean to me. You believed in me since day one. You have dedicated your time to support me in ways beyond comprehension. But it is not a surprise from such an awesome individual like you. I love you man.

Now allow me to explain why and what the appeal is about.

My ideas to space travelling tardigrades were denied originality because tardigrades are real life creatures, and because they survive the vacuum of space. I believe the way I presented the tardigrades creatures in my game was original with all the combination of attributes and abilities I gave those creatures that hadn’t been presented in any previous work. There isn’t one single piece of work that uses giant blue tardigrades to help humans travel the universe instantaneously before my game Tardigrades.

My ideas were also dissected to the basic elements where conducting a comparison would be completely unfair. It’s as if you are breaking down a painting down to the colors components and saying that the color red is not original and not copyrightable, neglecting the painting as a whole image.

I have consulted judge Randall R. Rader (former United States Circuit Judge and former Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit) about the whole situation and the court’s dismissal. He has shaped United States intellectual property laws for decades in his court.  His opinion had a great impact on me going further with the appeal.

CBS responded to my appeal brief with the same old arguments that I’m trying to copyright a real life existing microscopic creature and redheads…

Still hard for me to say, but I must start another fund me campaign. The first one barely covered the consultation costs and press expenses. I have extended an invitation to Judge Rader join my defense team which would be an honor beyond my dreams. His contribution would be very beneficial and crucial to the case. I’m also going to hire the same press agency for my legal documentation and appellate court arrangements. Please feel free to check the fund me link Here.

Thanks for everything. I need you all by my side to continue getting my rights back.