Friday, December 9, 2016

Accept/Change your fate?

Control Maciek's behavior by changing his character's mood variable mac_Mood. You can force him to be a little nicer to others or not.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Coloring Ball: Pet Picking

This is my entry for the AGS Coloring Ball: Pet Picking by Twirlly!

This is Simon my cat... er.. he may have changed a little after all the travels in space.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Rain Test

I decided not to use the AGS rain module. So I drew the lines and splashes and used them as objects and GUI buttons. The in-game effect is much smoother and faster than the gif.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sign Language Dialog

Here's an old man raking some dry leaves off the road. He has hearing problems so you'd have to use sign language in order benefit from conversation. You can also find something that'll be useful for him to listen to you though. The dialog icons will automatically change into the non sign language option.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Antiques Store Interior

After creating the room for the interior of the antiques store, I sat back and looked at it from a little further distance. It is still not fully done and already has a lot of details. There are more vases, chandeliers and old gadgets to be added. So the room will be packed with tons of trivial details.

I remembered a technique used in King's Quest V when King Graham enters some stores and houses. Out of the massive amounts of respect I have towards King's Quest V, instead of checking videos or screenshots online, I ran the game. And when I run King's Quest V, I must play it to the end :)

The idea I adapted is to use the exterior of the store as a background, while the interior is framed as a GUI with whatever desired bordering. As a cameo I used the frame used by King's Quest V with little alterations. I also desaturated the exterior background since the interior is very colorful.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Light and Water


That Extra Mile

Usually in classic adventure games, some little tasks would be done with a single click. For instance, copying a few files from a computer to a disk would be as simple as selecting the disk from the inventory and clicking the cursor on the computer. Some games' interfaces would even require only a right click (interaction) on the computer, if you have a disk then it would automatically do the 'copy files' task.

I decided to make the player walk that extra mile by creating computer interfaces that look similar to a command prompt. You can move around folders and select files to be copied, deleted...

Sunday, June 12, 2016


In our understanding of time, it is the year 20,000 BC where civilizations are about to discover galactic travel through the latest technology of their time. Earth was different back then. The deserts of south Egypt and Ethiopia are green and full of advanced technology.

Carter is a botanist at the space station Marsi-3 orbiting Jupiter. Along with his girlfriend Alex, and your guidance, they might be able to witness their civilization shifting into a higher type.

Game Info:
Resolution: 640x400 32bit
Music: Midi
Sound effects: MP3 (All self recorded and constructed)
Full Speech.

'Tardigrades' can be finished with different ways, there are two possible endings and 10s of ways to complete its puzzles. Each time the game starts is guaranteed to be a new experience due to some events and puzzles triggered randomly at any time of the gameplay. The story depends on your attitude in dialogs, tasks, choices and/or random events. So basically you'd be writing the story of the game.

The story has a plot twist and deals with slavery, secrecy, espionage and other issues that are too early to reveal at this stage of production.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Constructing a garden

Replaced background

The main oxygen gardens of the section that Carter works at Marsi-3 was one of the parts where I was always trying to skip while testing puzzles. I never liked the background from the beginning of the project's development. I had to make a workaround by tinting the room mimicking that the camera is now positioned outside a window in the ship. It was a little convincing at the time.

But no. Something inside me refused the whole background. I was postponing the change because the room has a lot of functions, regions, doors, and a GUI for botany related tasks that allow you to grow different plants...  

The room alone is about 2KLOC but there are extra global functions that adds 500LOC to the sum. A lot had to be changed, coordinates, positions, walkable areas, regions... So I spent the last 3 days working on that. I really hope the new background is considered an improvement.