Sunday, June 28, 2015

Tardigrades Logo

Tardigrades' logo is a combination of the water bear posing as the ancient Egyptian scarab holding a crook and a flail, accessorized with two wings.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

3 ways to reset the emitter

Emitters are used for the main communications with Earth. They are used due to the distortion from the massive magnetic field of Jupiter. This one needs to be reset. There are three different ways to do so.

You can sneak to the airlock, put on a spacesuit and take a spacewalk and find it. Finding it could be through trial and error or by using a map. Once you find it, you can enter the correct code sequence to reset. Code clues can be obtained from different places and people earlier.

There's also a hack cube that you can get somewhere in the game. Using this cube will automatically reset the emitter. But you have to take the spacewalk.

If you're afraid of getting lost in Jovian space, you can send a probe instead and navigate it using Yolanda's tablet. Now getting Yolanda to leave her tablet unattended is not an easy task. Also getting access to it won't be that easy.

Note that the probe GUI is not finished yet.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Cut Scenes Enhancements

When I prepare a scene, I usually use initial sketches to be able to visualize and direct it. When it feels right, I start finalizing it by redrawing the elements on it. Here's Kat's hair in three different layers, the set is based on a room with micro-gravity where she is supposed to get shot. I changed her hair and added details to it along with highlights.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Playing God

At some point, Carter 'finds out' that Aziz is getting annoying and better be temporary unconscious. To do so, Carter would have to manipulate Aziz's mood or do worse things.

Unfinished ScreenshotEven though he is Carter's roommate and best friend on Marsi-3Aziz gets in the way and sometimes annoyingly frustrating.

You can knock Aziz down in two different ways, get him detained or high. Either way he would end up in sickbay unable to move, talk or even gesture anything to Dr. Chantal.