Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Star Trek Discovery & Tardigrades

I've been approached lately by some of my fans via twitter, facebookyoutube and the AGS forums about several similarities between the new series  Star Trek Discovery and my point and click adventure game Tardigrades. I honestly don't know how to begin this article, so I prepared a few screenshots from both the TV show and my game for comparison. I am doing this to clarify that I haven't stolen ideas from the show at all since all of my posts from the devlog are dated years before the show.

Tardigrades production announcement was on May 8th 2014. The devlog can be found here. The game is about a civilization that lived on Earth 20,000 years ago. They are on the verge of intergalactic travel using giant Tardigrades to travel anywhere in the universe. The main character, Carter, is a botanist whom will discover later in the game the connection between the super tough creature and instantaneous space travel. I've made several promo videos that can be found on my YouTube channel that show my ideas of space travel using giant Tardigrades.

The following two videos are what triggered most of Tardigrades fans to contact me:

My twitter friends also told me about how some of the characters resemble a lot of common traits between the show and the game. For instance, one of the main lead characters of Tardigrades is called Yolanda - a female that comes from an area that is now central Africa (remember the game is set on 20,000 B.C.)

I also have a homosexual couple with each of the men is assigned in different parts of the solar system. They are: bearded "middle eastern" Aziz and his boyfriend Ty who is in some danger situation. Later on the game another character is imprisoned with Aziz, his name is Maciek, a very white blonde dude.

To their defense, I think having a diverse crew is very relevant. It's just the too much coincidental appearances of the characters that may put my project into a weird situation. Not to forget that Paul has a "friend" in another federation ship that gave a hint of a long distant relation just as Aziz (Jupiter orbit) and Ty (Titan base) from Tardigrades.