Thursday, December 22, 2011

Alpha Test

I performed Anastronaut's alpha test this afternoon. Although I was very careful with my code and all, I did expect a lot of glitches and misspells. A couple of hours later I found the following:

11 speech related mistakes.
10 non-clickable hot spots.
1 event related issue.
2 control related issues.

The speech mistakes varied from misspelling a word to differences between the text line and its speech. The non-clickable hot spots were generally not of any importance to complete the game, however, they would add more fun to the game play. the event related issue was tricky. There are two events A and B. B depends on how many times A has occurred. But there was a scripting mistake when the player tries to trigger B before A reaches its count, A zeros back. Finally, the two control issues were only having to disable the player from using any cursor at specific events...

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