Friday, December 7, 2012

Crafting and Puzzles

There's a fine line between collecting items and hoarding. When you find valuable or useful objects that may come in handy in the future you wouldn't want to miss them. But what about those items that seem of less importance? Well, after collecting them, you can simply interact them with one another and craft your own useful item. Anastrønaut gives the players the freedom to use their imagination and creativity to solve puzzles by combining up to 6 items creating a useful object in a very friendly close-up view of what you're about to create.

The screenshot above is a room from a planet that is generated anytime you decide to test your crafting skills and see what you can come up with the items you collected. Similar rooms from different locations, ships and planets are available as well. Of course the possibilities of different creations, success and failure are too many.

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