Thursday, April 4, 2013

Planet Neptune: From a gas giant, into an eternal arctic coldness

I visited this dark blue planet at a random star date during my time travels. Its core was at the right temperature -enough to allow the gases to liquefy and most importantly allow the planet's guts to rise and terraform.
Having no detectors or scanners disabled me from identifying the chemical compounds and the ingredients of the vast deserts and endless deep oceans. Nevertheless, I am quite sure it is very close to water. Huge sea creatures dwell in the darkness of the oceans along with boulders of crystallized ammonia.

The mountains were huge, very high and -shaky. At first I thought I was dizzy but as soon as I realized the nature of the planet and its transformation period I figured it out. The mountains are made of condensed gas. The planet itself was a magnet for many objects orbiting the region.

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