Friday, January 23, 2015

Backgrounds Enhancement

Sometimes I draw backgrounds that beg me to change. I keep them for the functionality while developing puzzles but then apply proper improvements. Here's the landing location on Titan that I completely hated from the start.
The ship took the entire right edge of the screen with a big entrance for vehicles and crew. I was too excited during the creation of this background specially while adding the animated river. But then after completing it I sat back and looked at it... I hated it. I couldn't believe I would actually have the decency allowing anyone play a game with this background!

So I kept it while I developed other things, code, puzzles, sounds... etc. Until last week, I couldn't bare to look at it anymore. So I decided it was about time to draw another one. Here's the result which I hope you'd find more interesting than the previous one. Here's Carter standing outside the shuttle next to an ethane lake on Titan.

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