Thursday, July 16, 2015

One Puzzle's Different Solutions

As many of you already know Tardigrades is non-linear and is open for different solutions for its puzzles.

In this example, there is a wire fence separating this control room into two sections. As a botanist, Carter has access to the left section only. The right section is accessed through an airlock. Carter is not allowed in space. You can either sneak to the right section through an illegal trip from space as shown in the first and second screenshots.

Or, you can find a tool to cut the fence with and go to the other side without the need to go into deep space as shown in the third screenshot. The fence is fixed by a technician every once in a while. You can always cut it again just make sure no one sees you. Getting the tool is a puzzle itself. Also going into deep space won't be an easy task.

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