Saturday, November 17, 2018


Regarding the Tardigrades vs. Star Trek Discovery case, a Second Amended Complaint has been filed on October 29 2018. I have added more similarities and a couple of companies/subsidiaries to the defendants list. So far things are going smooth and as anticipated. Everything mentioned in the complaint is based on the laws of the United States, specifically 17 United States Code 502-505, 17 U.S.C. 502-505.

The law is clear and straightforward; if you infringe someone's intellectual property you will have to stop the infringement act immediately and; if you profit from the infringed work you'll have to pass the profits to the original creator. I wasn't really aware of the latter. Thankfully, my lawyers know how much effort I have put into the development of Tardigrades and they know all the hard circumstances circling my personal life finding time for game development, so they wanted to make sure I get all my rights to keep my project alive and maintain its originality.


  1. CBS doesn't want to abide to the law. They already broke the law and now they are crying like a baby trying to get away with it. Hmm.. sounds like a very similar case going on these days.

  2. Good luck buddy. Your rights will return to you. Your case is solid.

  3. I love how "clear and straightforward" you are. This is typical decency from a simple man going against a shady huge organization. I wish you all the best Anas. We're all rooting for you. Your hard work is so good, even STAR TREK writers find it interesting and unfortunately stole it.

  4. Good luck Anas. As a life long Star Trek Fan I am ashamed they have gone so low to steal the work of others. Studio execs have to be taught a lesson they can’t do this.

  5. Keep up the good fight Man. We’re rooting for you.

  6. The amount of stolen elements is ridiculously pathetic. I can't believe how lazy a person has to be to steal this much from your game. Stay strong Anas, we are all with you against the greed of CBS. Don't forget to include the dumb online game they made, it has a tardigrade as well.

  7. Hello Anas,

    I just watched an update video on Youtube about the most recent developments, including the updated complaint with the expanded list of defendants.

    There is something else you may not be aware of; Star Trek Online (the Star Trek MMO) has recently received Star Trek Discovery content, and one of the things they've added is the tardigrade. You can even get a tardigrade pet to follow you around.

    I don't know if this affects your lawsuit at all, but it is something I feel you and your lawyer should know about, given your response to the question posed by of how winning this lawsuit would affect the distribution of Star Trek Discovery, Season One. - "This could, in an extreme case, meaning to stop the distribution and sale of large portions of season 1 of Star Trek: Discovery."

    You said it could affect all of Season One, and since the new STD content in STO is based on Season One, it may be affected as well.

    Just thought you should know. Best wishes going forward.