Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Birthday Maarten Amkreutz (Amayirot Akago) 1987 - 2018

Today is Maarten's first birthday after his passing on June 11, 2018. I will not speak of him in the past tense because he's still present with us. Maarten Amkreutz goes by the online name Amayirot-Akago, the most fun and lovely human being one can imagine. I have put a video showing some of his photos and screenshots from his game Postman's Quest. Maarten likes Sierra games and they were his first games to play. There's a comment on a YouTube video where he mentions how much he likes St George's Book Store music from Gabriel Knight, so I learned it for him and played it in the background of this video. I hope you like it Maarten, I love you man.

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