Sunday, October 13, 2019

Thank You

It took me a while to be able to type anything on my keyboard. Every time I try to start a sentence I get too emotional and tears fill my eyes. Gratitude tears. Knowing that there are so many of you willing to support me the way you do is beyond comprehension. After the long years of feeling how hard and unjust this world had become, I feel much more powerful to continue standing against this storm.

I have a request though, if you are an independent creator of any sort, streamer, writer, blogger, scientist, researcher, author, educator, actor, podcaster, editor, journalist, columnist, artist, game developer, composer, entertainer, YouTuber, content creator, wrestler, personal trainer, freelance lawyer, consultant, life couch, or any other creation that you are doing independently, please feel free to join this cause and help fight against the bullies and the oppression of lawless corporations and the stealing of our, your, intellectual properties. Share your work with me, comment here or go to my social channels I will gladly share your work. I am blessed with great friends whom believed in my case and helped me get the word out. If you have been a victim of IP theft or plagiarism please let me know too. Don’t be quiet, you have a voice and you must be heard. Use the hashtag #IndependentCreator as much as possible. You are strong and powerful as an individual. You have been feeding those corrupt corporations for years without credit. Can you imagine how powerful we would be when we stick together?


  1. I'll share my work here, one of which is a YouTube channel that I am happy to use in helping you get the word out:

    Being an independent artist, I have to struggle daily just to be able to make my art, much less earn any kind of living from it. To see a giant corporation like CBS get away with thievery and enabling thieves like Alex Klutzman turns my stomach.

  2. Found you via Nerdrotic/G&G. Bravo. I will join the cause. #IndependentCreator Thank you, sir. I wish you all the very best.